Cheeky Chewies


About Us

Our story is a simple one – we are the Chew siblings (John and Celine Chew), we have Cheeky kids, and we think dining should be fun!

We want to give our customers a taste of the rich variety of Western and Asian fusion cuisines that we grew up with. We’ve got a dish for everyone and every occasion!

Feeling adventurous?

Try our very popular and flavoursome Japanese Pancakes (“Cheeky Went to Japan”), our delicious Laksa with broth served from a teapot (“Laksa In a Hurry”), or our authentic Malaysian Nasi Lemak (“I’m a Mamak Freak”)!

Looking for some comfort food?

You can’t go wrong with our can’t-go-wrong Smashed Avocado on Toast (“Cheeky Smashed It”), our good old fashioned generous serve of Chicken Parma and Chips (“Feed Me, I’m Hungry”), or our all-time favourite beer batter Fish and Chips (“Finding Cheeky”)!

Got a sweet tooth?

You’ll love our Homemade waffles served with Fresh Fruit and Ice-cream (“Fruity Tic-Tac-Toe), or our delectable Cheeky Sweet Tooth selection of desserts!

Did we mention we love Cheeky Monkeys (kids)?

We’ve got a great little play area for your little Cheeky ones, and some pretty cool kiddy meal options for them too! It’s about time they enjoyed themselves eating and playing in a café, while we give you the luxury of dining and sipping our St.Ali’s coffee in peace.

What are you waiting for? Come pop in, say hi, and let’s be Cheeky!



18 Aviation Rd Laverton Victoria 3028



Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday : 7am–9pm
Thursday – Friday : 7am–9pm
Saturday – Sunday : 8am-9pm